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As in most African countries football is the main sports and it is no different in Ghana the land of the Black Stars. Just as popular as the game is Sports Betting In Ghana. Placing a sports bet in the beautiful games is just as rewarding as supporting a football team.

Traditional sports betting in Ghana has always been a walk to the local shop and queuing to place a spots bet. With the introduction of online sports betting especially from leading Ghana bookmaker Betway Ghana, the youth of Ghana have found a new past time and a way to make some quick money sports betting on the sports their love football.

Betway has recently joined forces with former Ghana captain Stephen Appiah. Betway has invested in him by helping him become a football manager through Betway’s connection with West Ham United from London.

Another brand that is now slowly in Sports betting in Ghana is 1xbet. Although not visible on the ground and on TV as betway 1xbet will soon become a force in online sports betting in Ghana.

Below African Football Bets has review The Top Online Sports Betting websites in Ghana. To read more on each of the best Sports Betting websites in Ghana click on the websites below. You can also find out the type of bonus you will receive when you join the sports betting websites below.

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